Reverse Stereo

Reverse Stereo
Birth name
Reverse Stereo
Techno - Dark Techno
Years active

Beat after beat inspired by the UNI-verse,Reverse Stereo began his musical journey after relocating from Transilvania to Ulm,Germany and immersing himself in the country’s famous electronic underground. His hybrid techno-house style found immediate success. Within a few years, he was featured on compilations by six different record labels, introducing him to an international audience. His momentum continued to grow when he was named “One To Watch” by Releasing a steady stream of innovative singles and EP’s, Reverse Stereo’s fanbase continues to grow at a rapid pace. Released on : 📀Techno Never Dies Records📀Antarctic Records📀Tuff Sounds Records📀Tuner Records📀Pistolero Recordings📀VMK Records📀Matrix Music Records📀Deja Vu Culture PS:  »When you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes…the Matrix is everywhere !!! THE MATRIX…THE WORLD THAT HAS BEEN POOLED OVER YOUR EYES TO BLIND YOU FROM THE TRUTH. » ESCAPE THE MATRIX !!! Start to DANCE…

His Show MORFOLOGICA is playing Thursday at 22H(CET)-9PM(UK)-4PM(EST) in alternance with S-Caper each 2 weeks