Le Blood

Le Blood
Birth name
Le Blood
Discohouse - Jackin House - Nudisco
Years active

Franck, like many DeeJays, began in the mid 80’s in the garages to animate the buddies’ birthdays. Weddings, New Year’s Day, birthdays follow one another and become a professional DeeJay for event companies.
1996, the DeeJay club adventure begins in the Bordeaux region (33), clubs, bars, for the generalist style, and in parallel he follows the mix house in the after parties of the very famous clubs of the Bordeaux Gay community « Le 18 » and « the Yellow Moon ».
He will fly to Doha (Qatar) to bring his experience to the Sheraton Resort Hotel as a Club DeeJay. The radio waves come to tickle his ears, he will host the before of the Club show on Saturday night on the radio Iguanodon.
Many radios, clubs, bars disappeared, but not him. He continues to express himself for our greatest pleasure with Jackin, Funky & Disco House sounds on the BloodyBar series. Thanks to the internet, he becomes The Blood.

His Show BLOODISCO is playing each 1st Saturday at 0H00(CET)-11PM(UK)-6PM(EST)