Kevnor Lostra

Kevnor Lostra
Birth name
Kevnor Lostra
Techno - Techno Progressive
Years active

Kevnor comes from a small town in a rural area, he developed at the age of 15 a passion for underground music with trance, hardcore and also house. He learns about electronic music with the magazines « Zipper », « Trax », « Coda » and he discovers the artists who marked him « Laurent Garnier », « Carl Cox », « Jeff Mills » and many others… . Around the age of 20, he discovers two revealing tapes « techno rave party 1 » and « techno dance party 2 » which is his favorite for techno music. Around 2012 he discovers the Traktor software and timecode, he buys tracks and builds his genre through his feelings to translate them into a mix, it’s a mix of contemporary and emotional techno style. He is eclectic in electronic music but techno music will really be his favorite. His only goal is to go to the end of his devouring passion towards this music that makes him vibrate in an inexplicable way.

His Show Future Sound of Techno is playing Tuesday at 21H(CET)-8PM(UK)-3PM(EST)