David Kust

David Kust
Birth name
David Kust
Deephouse - Discohouse - Nudisco - Electronic
Years active

David Kust is from France.
He started to play in private party at age of 15.In 1990 he started to play in a Local Radio called RGS and pilot a Show « MUSIC STORY » who was leader in his Region (northern France).
He worked too in a music Store called « DISCO BOX » who selled import Records to Clubs, bar etc….he played in clubs and bars like la Miroiterie – Le Space – L inside – Le chutt – Le Select Café – le Connemara Bar and many more. in end of 2000’s it stopped to play in club and spin ONLY IN LIVE on Webradio (Impulse Uk – HSR (italy) – HMRS(Quebec) – Rind Radio (France)…)
After Many years to play for the other webradios he decide in 2016 to create his Webradio…. Future Beats Radio is launch.
His styles of music are very large but his favorites are : Nudisco/deep – Discohouse – House – Techouse – RETRO
And sometimes when he got time , he Produce some Remixes.

His LIVE Show DISCOHOUSELICIOUS is played all Saturday at 11PM(CET) – 10PM(UK) – 5PM(EST)